Reputation Management

Take Charge of Your Online Reviews…Before Your Candidates Do.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could place every candidate…and every candidate loved you?

Well, in staffing, that’s just not reality, and of course it’s those unplaceable DNU candidates who go on social media and leave you 1-star reviews.

So how do you stop the negative reviews…and get more 5-stars?

By taking charge of your online reputation! In our next Haley Marketing Produce Demo webinar, we’ll show you how our Reputation Management service can:

  • Automate the process of asking for online reviews.
  • Proactively spot unhappy candidates…BEFORE they leave a negative review.
  • Automatically update your website with hundreds of new testimonials.
  • More quickly identify service problems in specific branch offices.
  • Leverage your testimonials on social media.


Duration: 30 minutes


Magezi Mukandala, Technical Support Specialist, Haley Marketing Group

Magezi Mukandala is the Technical Support Specialist at Haley Marketing Group with a focus on job board and reputation management.

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