How to Sell Staffing through Branded Content

Give your salespeople more opportunities for conversations with clients and prospects.

“We’re not hiring.”

As the new year turned, that was practically unheard. Now, the world has flipped, and sales opportunities are harder to find. But they are out there.

So how can you position your firm as a thought leader to help your sales team stand out, reach higher-level decision-makers and find more opportunities to sell staffing services?

You need Branded Content that shows people the value of staffing…IN THIS MARKET!

At Haley Marketing, we’ve been creating content to sell staffing services since 1996. We’ve helped our clients to weather two past recessions, and we’ll show you how to get through this one using print and digital media that positions your staffing firm as the employment expert in your markets. By creating and curating content that is meant for your target audience, you will become a trusted advisor vs. being just another vendor.

In this product demo, we’ll explore our new and enhanced services that our SMART content division, Mamu Media, provides to the staffing industry. They are the staffing industry’s only provider of branded magazines and webinars. These content solutions will give your salespeople more reasons to make calls…and more opportunities to have meaningful conversations with clients and prospects.


Duration: 30 minutes


Rob Herbein, Director of Mamu Media Division, Haley Marketing

Rob Herbein is an expert on branded and custom print publications, electronic newsletters, sponsored webinars, blog writing, and video content. As Director of Haley Marketing’s Mamu Media Division, Rob helps staffing companies to position themselves as thought leaders in their market and increase client retention, candidate engagement, and new customer acquisition.

Mike McKerns, Director of Mamu Media Division, Haley Marketing

Mike believes that content is king when it comes to connecting with employers and job seekers. With more than 8 years of experience in branded and custom content, Mike knows how to help staffing companies to strengthen their positioning, become trusted advisors to clients and candidates, and create differentiation through thought leadership.

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