Higher Margins using Risk Management Data and Analytics

The measurements you must pay attention to for a profitable business.

Do you know your staffing firm’s margin by client?

Are you including critical measurements such as workers’ compensation losses?

If not, you cannot have a clear picture of your true profitability by client.

On this webinar, Tony D’Amicantonio and Kevin Turner, of Odell Studner, will take you through a variety of measurable components of your risk management program culminating with the most significant one – client profitability.  The ability to take action with this crucial information will give you the opportunity to maintain higher margins in your business.


Recorded: Thursday, February 11, 2021 at 2:00 PM ET

Duration: 1 hour

ASA CE Credit: 1.0 hour Active CE


Tony D’Amicantonio, VP – Staffing Practice Leader, Odell Studner

As Vice President – Staffing Practice Leader for Odell Studner’s Staffing Practice Group, Tony D’Amicantonio is responsible for the strategic design and implementation of his staffing clients’ insurance programs. He also oversees operations, ensuring his entire team has real-time knowledge of the evolving staffing industry and access to the most innovative insurance products.

Tony works with over 150 staffing clients nationwide, whose premiums total over $200 million, to achieve best practices in their operational risk management procedures. By understanding each client’s business model at a detailed level, he ensures their programs meet their organizational goals, which ultimately contributes to their long-term success.

Tony is an active board member of the Mid Atlantic Staffing Association and an associate member of the American Staffing Association, as well as other various state chapters. He is an active supporter and participant of Staffing Industry Analyst and its Healthcare Summit and Executive Forum, TempNet Staffing Association, and the Affiliated Staffing Group.

Kevin Turner, VP, Staffing Practice Group, Odell Studner

As Vice President, Kevin is the sales leader of the Staffing Practice Group. He is responsible for the group’s overall growth through execution of key marketing and sales initiatives that align with its vision. Additionally, Kevin provides strategic direction and insight to his current client base.

Kevin launched his career in insurance at Sedgwick Global of New York, where he worked with Fortune 500 firms as an Account Executive. He later worked as a Marketing Specialist at The Clair Odell Group where he marketed insurance exclusively to carriers in the temporary staffing and professional employer organization (PEO) industries. Kevin then transitioned to LyonsOdell and, subsequently, to Odell Studner in 2005. Prior to being promoted to Vice President, Kevin was a Sales Executive.

Recognized for his industry expertise, Kevin frequently speaks at events around the country on issues that impact the bottom line of staffing companies. He sits on the Board of Directors of the Mid-Atlantic Staffing Association and is an associate member of American Staffing Association, TempNet and other state staffing associations. He also participates in a staffing advisory group that meets with members of the legislative branch of government to discuss the impact of legislation on the staffing industry.

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