Social Pro 2021

Strategic and affordable social media marketing

Did you know that the average Facebook user checks in more than 8x a day? And during the past 12 months, the use of social media—from LinkedIn to TikTok surged by more than 200%?

In staffing, social media has become a core communication tool. It is used to build your brand, drive recruiting, and support your sales efforts. But it can also be really time-consuming…and time-wasting if you don’t have the right strategies.

In this product demo, Brad Bialy, Director of Digital Marketing, will walk you through our Social Pro services, and show you how we make social marketing more strategic…and affordable.

Join us to see how Social Pro can help you to:

  • Strengthen your social media strategy
  • Reach more active and passive job seekers
  • Strengthen your company’s brand
  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Generate more job orders, job applications, and referrals


Duration: 30 minutes


Brad Bialy, Director of Digital Marketing, Haley Marketing

Brad’s expertise is in leveraging your social media to connect and engage with potential clients and candidates.

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