AI and the Future of the Staffing Industry

AI threats, challenges and opportunities for the future of your business

Explore the transformative power of AI, and learn to leverage it in recruiting, sales, and marketing.

Is AI an existential threat to the staffing and recruiting industry or a huge opportunity to gain market share?

In this webinar, we discuss the transformative power of AI, exploring its profound impact on recruiting, sales, back-office operations, and marketing. This insightful event shares current real-world use cases and essential knowledge to strategically plan for the future of your business.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How AI is impacting staffing and talent acquisition.
  • Key AI tools you may want to consider.
  • Tips for using AI to improve efficiency and effectiveness in:
    • Sales
    • Recruiting
    • Operations
    • Marketing
  • Real staffing industry case studies show how to effectively use AI.
  • How early adoption of AI can provide a competitive advantage.



Date: Thursday, July 25, 2024

Time: 2:00 PM ET

Duration: 1 hour

ASA CE Credit: 1.0 hour Active CE


Brad Smith, Chief Strategy Officer, Haley Marketing

Brad is a Certified Inbound Marketing professional, and he has managed the implementation of digital marketing campaigns for hundreds of staffing firms. Brad stays on top of new marketing and technology trends, transforming them into winning strategies for staffing and recruiting firms.

Jeff Gipson, Founder and CEO, Recruiters Websites

Jeff Gipson is the founder and CEO of Recruiters Websites, a prominent digital marketing company specializing in the recruiting and staffing industry. In 2012, Jeff saw the need recruiting firms have for specialized website design and, combining his background in recruitment with a passion for technology, founded Recruiters Websites, developing it into a full-service agency providing top-notch digital solutions for recruiters.

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