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Get found by the right talent at the right time.

PPC (or pay-per-click advertising) is an ideal tool for sales-lead generation and recruiting. And it can be used (VERY COST-EFFECTIVELY) to keep your company top-of-mind!

Learn how you can get in front of the right talent at the right time with Facebook and Google…and attract more active and passive job seekers.

In this product demo, you’ll see.

  • What PPC advertising is.
  • The different options for PPC on Facebook and Google.
  • How you can best use PPC for staffing and recruiting.
  • How to figure out which type of campaign is right for you.
  • How PPC fits with your other marketing & sales initiatives.


Duration: 30 minutes


Brad Smith, Chief Strategy Officer, Haley Marketing

Brad is a Certified Inbound Marketing professional, and he has managed the implementation of digital marketing campaigns for hundreds of staffing firms. Brad stays on top of new marketing and technology trends, transforming them into winning strategies for staffing and recruiting firms.

Bob Zielonka, Social Media Advisor and PPC Specialist, Haley Marketing

Bob Zielonka is a Social Media Advisor and Google Certified PPC Specialist at Haley Marketing who specializes in Search Network Advertising, and driving paid results.

Stephanie Ryndak, Digital Marketing Manager, Haley Marketing

Stephanie is a Digital Marketing Manager who specializes in digital advertising. From lead generation to branding, she proudly helps her Haley Marketing clients realize their goals.

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