Haley Marketing Tech – Bet You Didn’t Know We’re a Tech Company!

Staffing tools & expertise to drive sales, marketing & recruiting.

The way we communicate and connect with each other has fundamentally changed.

Clients and candidates are embracing new ways to search jobs, request talent and communicate with staffing companies. And staffing technology has gone from a supporting role to a driver of sales, marketing and recruiting.

In this product demo, Haley Marketing CEO, David Searns, will show you the latest updates to the technology we offer to the staffing industry, including our career portal, Talent Showcase, WordPress plug-ins, video email, chatbots and more.

Get ready to see affordable staffing technologies that can help you dramatically improve your sales and recruiting in this changing world!


Duration: 30 minutes


David Searns, CEO, Haley Marketing

When it comes to marketing a staffing firm, few people know the industry like David. He literally grew up in the business. He has been helping staffing companies create innovative marketing strategies and award-winning websites for more than 20 years.

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