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An easy way to build your brand, stay top-of-mind and attract more clients and candidates.

Want to position your firm as an expert—and trusted advisor—to the clients and candidates you serve?

Get blogging!

Blogging is an ideal way to demonstrate your expertise, prove your value, build trust and attract more employers and job seekers to your website. And it’s great for SEO too!

When you combine your blog content with a monthly email newsletter, you create a content marketing system that will help you stay top-of-mind and give your sales team more reasons to make calls each month.

In this product demo, we’ll show you how a blog with a newsletter can:

  • Capture the attention of your ideal clients and candidates
  • Give passive job seekers a reason to reach out to you
  • Bring more inbound traffic to your website
  • Re-engage your talent bench
  • And more


Duration: 30 minutes


Mark Yesilevskiy, Director of Content Design, Haley Marketing

Mark Yesilevskiy, Director of Content Design, is always looking to push the boundaries of design in the staffing industry. He has a passion for taking our clients branding and transforming into attention grabbing—and response driving—websites.

Corinne McCarthy, Social Media Advisor, Haley Marketing

Corinne’s expertise is leveraging blogging, social media and email marketing strategies to help you connect and engage with your clients and candidates.

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