Make it easy to create, curate, and share content for branding, recruiting and lead generation.

NetSocial automates social sharing for your salespeople and recruiters.

You select the content you want people to share. NetSocial automates the sharing to get your jobs, blog posts, and videos in front of more job seekers and staffing decision-makers.

In this demo, Elaine Materise, Kristen Wakulchuk, and Brad Bialy will show you how this low-cost, high-impact software can increase your content reach and amplify your results…up to 7x.


Duration: 30 mins


Kristen Wakulchuk, Digital Marketing Manager, Haley Marketing

Kristen Wakulchuk is a Digital Marketing Manager at Haley Marketing who enjoys collaborating with clients to find practical solutions in the areas of social media, email marketing and blogging.

Elaine Materise, Digital Marketing Manager, Haley Marketing

Elaine Materise is a Digital Marketing Manager who oversees digital, social media, email and content marketing campaigns for staffing and recruiting firms.

Brad Bialy, Director of Digital Marketing, Haley Marketing

Brad’s expertise is in leveraging your social media to connect and engage with potential clients and candidates.

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