How Programmatic Job Advertising Drives More Applications…to More of Your Jobs

Advanced technology to extend the reach of your job posts.

Frustrated with your job board spend? Stuck in year-long contracts that you regret? Looking for a more efficient way to use that recruitment budget? Want applications for MORE jobs?

In this case study, we’ll take a look at programmatic advertising and how using the software optimizes your monthly recruitment spend. We’ll share specific examples of performance-based decision making and how data determined our monthly budget.

In this case study of programmatic job advertising, you’ll see how the software:

  • Drives applications to under-performing jobs
  • Caps applications on runaway jobs
  • Tests different job titles
  • Finds the best conversion rate and lowest cost per application


Duration: 30 minutes


David Searns, CEO, Haley Marketing

When it comes to marketing a staffing firm, few people know the industry like David. He literally grew up in the business. He has been helping staffing companies create innovative marketing strategies and award-winning websites for more than 20 years.

Matt Lozar, Director of Recruitment Marketing, Haley Marketing Group

Since social media burst onto the scene, Matt has found a passion for knowing as much as he can about the always-changing industry. Graduating from the University of Notre Dame with an undergraduate degree in business and working for nine-plus years in intercollegiate athletics, Matt enjoys being a part of a team that helps everyone come out with a win at the end of the day.

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